Price: 300.00 EUR

Available only with the X17 SLAVE Kit!


  • BDM MODE only
  • Automatic ECU model RECOGNITION
  • SUPPORTS MPC5xx based control units
  • SUPPORTS full unit content DUMP FOR BACKUP


The MAGPro2 BDM MPC5xx programmer is a modern device that allows you to read, program, backup, and restore the three main ECU components with the Motorola Microprocessor Series MPCXX inside the ECU and it supports many cars, bikes, trucks and tractors.


The communication between the BDM programmer and the ECU takes place by using 8 cables and a bench with special adapters (optional). There is NO need to solder any contact strip bars on to the BDM port of the ECU in order to create a connection on the board. Backup/Restore functions allow you to read all the contents of the ECU in a single file. The accuracy of this reading is ensured by a special software procedure that automatically checks the data. Security is furthermore ensured thanks to automatic checksum corrections during the writing procedure. Through these two functions you can always undo the operations and restore the initial conditions of the ECU (except for physical ECU damages).


What’s more: thanks to the Backup/Restore functions you can also create a copy of the ECU which can be used with a different hardware, in case the original one was either destroyed or merely damaged.


The BDM Programmer is available as an add-on module for the MAGPro2 X17 and MAGPro2 T-BOOT. We strongly recommended you to use the MAGpro2 BDM with a MAG Bench (optional).


Package contains:


# SKU code Quantity Description

1 MAGP1.16S/M 1 MAGPro2 BDM MPC5xx plugin MASTER/SLAVE

2 MAGP0.5.4 1 RJ45 Plug In Adapter for BDM