Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnostics & Re-programmingcar check, brake, vehicle diagnostics

We offer a fault finding and vehicle diagnostic service parallel to
that of any dealership, but at a fraction of the cost. From re-programming
and re-coding, to fault finding and crucial updates.

laptop-vehicle-diagnosticsFor a typical example, the average price of a dealership
to plug in their equipment, and diagnose a fault such as an engine management
light being illuminated which indicates there is a fault present, would cost upwards of.
we charge a standard flat fee of £30 no matter what the make and model of the vehicle.

No matter what the make and model of the vehicle, we have the equipment, technology and
knowledge to diagnose, re-program, re-code and re-configure to the exact same standard of
any dealership, but at a much lower cost.

All immobiliser and chassis information is safely retained with all our procedures.

Below are listed just some of the technical services we have to offer in these fields.

Fault Finding

Engine management

A.B.S. (Anti-lock Breaking System)


B.C.U. (Body Control Units)

E.S.P. (Electronic Stability Programme)

Traction Control

We can also peform a full health check on your vehicle’s complete electronic system, accompanied by a prited report for your own reference.

Re-programs, Re-codes & Re-configurations

Diesel pump re-configurations

Injector re-coding

Key re-coding

Immobiliser re-coding

E.C.U. (Electonic Control Unit) re-programming

Instrument cluster re-programming

C.I.M. re-programming

D.S.G. (Direct Shift Gearbox) re-programming