Friday, 09 February 2018 In About Deals

                Your vehicles may show fuel change as normal road performance. These changes generally result in more fuel consumption in the city and less fuel consumption in the long haul. On a long road, vehicles have less stop-and-go rate and therefore less consumption. This rate may increase in low HP (horsepower) vehicles. On low HP vehicles, high power is required for vehicle weight at take-off. In this case, the vehicle may increase fuel consumption. For this reason chiptuning operations are carried out on vehicles. Generally, the process is to program directly to the vehicle's brain. With this programming, it is possible to upgrade the tool HP to the desired level. Thanks to this upgrade, the ratio between the power of the vehicle and the fuel at the moment of launch drops.

                The data stored in the vehicle's memory is backed up before programming. This backup process is more convenient. The performance of the tools after programming has increased visibly. For example, a 110 HP vehicle can be programmed up to 130-140 HP. In this case, the fuel ratio of the vehicle also decreases. In the case of increased performance, better efficiency is obtained from the vehicles. Change is very noticeable.

                One of the most important features that should not be forgotten is that you have to be careful with the tools to be programmed. Definitely should be a backup.