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What does re-mapping mean?


ECU (Electronic Control Unit) remapping is actually the modern state of “chipping” technology that’s known between 1980’s and 1990’s.


What does ECU mean?


ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit. This technology is being added to all vehicles since 1999. Electronic Control Unit is manufactured as an onboard computer to all vehicles by the manufacturer. 


What does Electronic Control Unit do in the vehicle, actually?


Both of monitoring and controlling of the ignition timing, fuelling, air intake, and boost pressure of an engine is the mission of the Electronic Control Unit and all of parameters of them are pre-programmed by the manufacture.


Electronic Control Unit is programmed by the manufacturer in the factory and it provides us to allow for build tolerances into their engines and to over comply with emission standards. 


All kinds of climate conditions are considered when Electronic Control Unit is designed. It is set to withstand operation in extreme environments. Some countries may have sub-standard fuel quality instead of standard fuel quality and Electronic Control Unit cope with that problem, too.

At the same time allowing for some owner’s sub-standard service intervals and driving are set by the Electronic Control Unit.


By using ECU remapping, you can change the parameters that’s came within the Electronic Control Unit and result of this processes are much more responsive, full efficient and the vehicle that has much smoother running.


Series of steps of the ECU remapping can be found mixed by someone and ECU remapping uses highly sophisticated technology, too. But in fact it’s not as hard as it looks and the required processes to do ECU remapping is quite simple. First of all, find the tuning stats which belong to your vehicle.



What is required to do ECU re-mapping? 


First of all, the specialist equipment made by us, is need to plug into Electronic Control Unit socket or port of your vehicle. This Electronic Control Unit socket or port can be found underneath the dashboard or under e bonnet in the engine bay. The moment our specialist equipment is plugged in, the equipment figures out the Electronic Control Unit and downloads an information file that contains the data relevant and needed to figure out how the vehicle is currently performing. The downloaded information file is analyzed and finds new efficient parameters for Electronic Control Unit and the file, just obtained that contains new parameters, is uploaded to Electronic Control Unit. And ECU re-mapping is done. It is totally easy.


If you are in doubt, feel free regarding of all immobilizer and chassis information. All of this important information is saved safely upon this procedure. 


We think it is very important to inform that, all remaps are written as a custom on the day and they are totally unique for each vehicle of our costumers that we work together. They are not ready and pre-programmed before that many companies except us do.


Which vehicles can be done ECU re-mapping?


Whatever your vehicle is fitted with a turbo system or not, you can apply ECU re-mapping. But if your vehicle is fitted with a turbo system, benefit of the ECU re-mapping is the most. But if you have a vehicle , that’s has normally aspirated engine, power increase can be from up to 15%

Saturday, 20 January 2018 In A Beginners Guide

Did you know that you are not getting full performance out of your vehicle? Because manufacturers wants more reliable configuration instead of the most optimal one, your vehicle ECU mapped to work reliable. With simple tricks you can improve your vehicle performance without changing any part.

With help of a professional chip tuning programmer, you can improve your vehicle performance a lot just in nearly 30 minutes. 

ECU(the electronic control unit) is basically brain of your computer and controls configuration of your vehicle parts like air/flow ratio, ignition time, launch control etc..

Launch control for instance can be installed with third party addons. It will keep engine RPM at specified level until you change gear. This will give you launch boost compared to standart launch. 

You can also give your vehicle a boost too. Most of the engines that come with turbo increases air intake to a more reliable level instead of the optimal level. You can set ECU to intake more air which means you can burn more fuel trough turbo. Note that this increases pressure inside of your vehicle. You engine and its parts should be able to withstand such pressure.

Also manufacturers put safety measures to your speed and rpm. You can remove these safety limits but you should not that these safety measures put in the place for a reason. You should replace some part of your vehicle.

You can set air/fuel ratio to optimal an optimal level to get most of the performance out of your vehicle. Manufacturers set your air/fuel ratio to a more reliable value instread of optimal performance. After tuning you must always clean your air flow filter because after tuning you engine will need all the air it can get.