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DPF Solutions

What is the meaning of DPF?


DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter.  This filter is fitted to exhaust system of the vehicle and it  looks like a catalytic converter. The filter works for removing diesel particulate matter or soot and function of DPF in the vehicle is to produce cleaner exhaust gases because of pollute environment less.


Diesel Particulate Filter is designed to do good but unfortunately, at the same time many people will know that, it DPF cause more trouble things. Because when the time is moving on, DPF filter is getting lose its functionality. So it causes trouble instead of good.


As any type of filter needs, Particulate Filter needs to be cleaned periodically to keep working as expected from a filter. The cleaning process of the Diesel Particulate Filter has a known the technical term that is called regeneration. This cleaning process is done by burning the soot, that is in the Diesel Particulate Filter, to a very high temperature and this process must be combination of this burning activity.


Regeneration process should be done by taking place in your normal use of vehicle. Did you even see that white some from the exhaust of a vehicle? It is totally regeneration.


Diesel Particulate Filter is use in our life for cars and light commercials from around 2003. In this DPF is prepared commonly for Euro 4 regs (2005) by the year early takers that are Peugeot, Renault and BMW.


For diesel cars and light commercials, being fitted a Diesel Particulate Filter is made obligatory with Euro 5 (2009) and with Euro 6 (2009) this obligation is tighten up further.

Several Problems when DPF is being used


If regeneration process doesn’t work properly as expected, it causes soot in the exhaust system that is affecting performance and fuel consumption.


When the working of regenerations is left unattended, it causes a blocked DPF and the blocked DPF causes very expensive damage to engine components of vehicle. At the same time a blocked DPF is potentially fire risk because of overheating in the exhaust system. But this danger is pretended in most new car by the manufacturer producing vehicles with “limp home” safety mode. When the danger is detected, the car will go limp home safety mode and is working by using minimum power.


If you want to do regeneration, it is quite simple to do. You must drive regularly at some speed on open road, for instance driving should be on motorway and at around 2500 RPM approximately 30 minutes. You should repeat this routine at least once a month. This process keeps your system working good and safely.  But as everybody know that, diesel vehicles generally are used on short-distance driving and in city traffic and these vehicles don’t totally complete full regeneration process because of this usage requirements.


Although regeneration works how expected from it, while the time is moving on, the ash residue will come together at Diesel Particulate Filter and the same result, that’s blocked DPF, is seen. Because of this result, please don’t ignore if DPF warning light or Anti-Pollution warning is on dash and get a professional advice immediately.



(The DPF that is required to change immediately.)